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Well, I guess I'll take the bait and stick my big mouth into the conversation.Ancient Youth hit the nail right on the head and offered on of the most clear and honest answers up here so far.A Kingman knows this, and does whatever he has to fulfill this role.In Rastafari it is ok for the woman to put food on the table, but it is the main concern of the Kingman to fulfill this position.

Rastafari Kingman is the leader in molding and guiding his youth.

Emperor Haile Selassie is the only foundation stone of the Rastafarian Faith Having dreadlocks is not central to being a Rasta The basic beliefs of a Rasta is to uphold the truth and defend good over evil.

Sharon and Margaret made history for being the first western women to be baptised in in the region of Lallibella, Ethiopia.

Ethiopia, specifically, Africa in general, is considered the Rastas' heaven on earth, the homeland.

The Lion of Judah symbol - The lion represents to Rastafarians Selassie as the "King of Kings," as the lion is King; representing the lineage of the King from the Tribes of Israel.

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