Dating a santero is beau from blessthefall dating lights

Do I tell him you need to be more specific on what a santero is...

i don't know what it is, so if you could explain on what this is, then i'll help you.

I absolutely adore the theatre, and I try to go to Shakespear Soy una persona trabajadora me gusta la santeria y pues ando en busca de la persona ideal q sea fiel q me quiera y me ame por siempre he pasado por una serie de dificultades a lo largo demi vida y no nezayork Mexico baruk699 30 Man Seeking Women I LOVE ALL KINDS OF MUSIC AND ENJOY READING, SANTERIA , TATTOOS , PIERCINGS , MAKE UP , FASHION, HANGING WITH FRIENDS , SWIMMING, CHILLIN AT HOME WATCHING MOVIES......

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López at the Smithsonian Institution’s Arts and Industries Building on Saturday, January 6, 2001, from 2-4 pm.

The three is an enduring Latino tradition from Central and South America, the American Southwest, the Caribbean, the Philippines, and Spain.

Victor Goler was raised in Santa Fe among a family of art conservators and restorers.

Boy or Girl Santero/a - Each Santero has their main santo known as their Angel de la guardia , that santo (ANGEL DE LA GUARDIA) in the lives of the santero is a bit higher up than all the others except God. Oriate - An oriate is a santero who has the abiltiy to make the santos talk with cowrie shells (yes cowerie shells sounds wierd but very efective) they must spend their time studying how to read the cowrie , to accuratly tell what the santo says. Babalawo - A babalawo is the highest ranke you can be in santeria, the babalawo aside from being initiated into santo is also initiated in another branch of the religion called IFA , in ifa the babalawo like the oriate make the santos talk , the difference is that instead of cowrie shells they use an item called the Ekuele ,the ekuele allows the babalawo to communicate with the santo known as Orula (Saint francis) (second only to god) when the babalawo uses the ekuele after studying how to read it can tell people what Orula says.

But what happens when one of the partners in a relationship is an olosha and the other person is not a believer?

Dating is a natural process of discovery which in the case of people who do not share a same faith can become even more interesting and pose additional challenges and opportunities.

Just would like to know if anyone had more insight that just a google or wikipedia search. I'm curious if there is anyone out there who currently practices Santeria and would like to talk.

I'm Catholic but am very open-minded and recently just found out the person I'm dating is a practicing member of Santeria.

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His increasing knowledge of iconography and religious themes as well as his growing ability to manipulate his medium have made him a popular sculptor.

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