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Lawyers for Associated Newspapers complained that Mr Justice Dingemans, who made the award after pictures of Weller’s teenage daughter and twin baby sons appeared on the Mail Online website, had created an “image right”.

The case was brought after seven unpixelated pictures appeared on Mail Online in 2012 after a paparazzo followed the musician and his children on a shopping trip in California, taking photos without their consent despite being asked to stop.Has played three different characters in the Star Trek universe: the Federation President in Star Trek VI: Das unentdeckte Land (1991), Thrax on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993), and Annorax on Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager (1995). Some artists travel the same road day in, day out, while others prefer to throw a fork in that road and change things up. Since first appearing on the music scene in 1977 with The Jam, Weller has been one of the most prolific and consistent artists around.The campaign has called for new laws to require the media to obtain parental consent before publishing photos of children.This demand for what has been dubbed “Weller’s Law” has prompted criticism from the National Union of Journalists that such a ruling would have “a chilling effect on a free press”.

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While trying to get a headshot photo for her portfolio, a photographer noticed her beautiful features and forwarded her pictures to Playboy magazine.

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