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A "dynasty", to give a definition, is basically a continuous family line of rulers."A more or less arbitrary and artificial but convenient subdivision of these epochs, beginning with the historic age, is furnished by the so-called dynasties of Manetho This native historian of Egypt, a priest of Sebennytos, who flourished under Ptolemy I (305-285 B.He is from Alexandria, can you tell me anything about what type of city this is (conservative, liberal etc.)?Are there any big cultural differences between Egyptian culture and that of other Middle Eastern countries?The value of the work was slight, as it was built up on folk tales and popular traditions of the early kings.

The fact "remote viewing" (the ability to access and provide accurate information through psychic means, about a person, place, object or event, that is inaccessible through any normally accepted means, regardless of distance, shielding or time) actually exists, begs the question 'How' ?

It's not quite a serious relationship yet but we are spending a lot of time getting to know each other.

So far we haven't come across any serious barriers in terms of cultural differences etc.

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