Dating an objectivist

In a set of four studies, Harvard’s Christine Ma-Kellams and collaborators used the full set of methods, from the archival (use of existing records) to the experimental, to determine whether an individual’s attractiveness detracts from or promotes a relationship’s ability to last over time.

Although the gist of the song’s message is that the less attractive woman will be a better cook, this new investigation into attractiveness and relationships suggests that there may be more important, reasons to find a partner who’s considerably less than a “10” on the attraction scale.

We're always trying to squeeze that last ounce of juice out of something. We have so much work to start with, I sort of expect that…

No matter what platform it is, whether it's PC or Xbox or PS3, we're always trying to squeeze every last possible bit out of whichever configuration. Like, Elizabeth is this invention—not just an aesthetic invention, but a technological invention—that is… You put an actor on a stage and they come with some built-in software, right? Even a bad actor knows how to go across a room and pick up a cup of coffee from a table, right? Stories, building in metaphors, stuff like that, it's hard. Take-Two is very supportive of experimental work, and experimental work that is big-budget experimental work.

Games have so much going on in them, and the technology…

However far as we've come along with technology, it's still always a struggle.

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