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This presentation provided by Jim Occhialini, Alpha Analytical, in conjunction with the Environmental Business Council, New England (EBCNE) provides up-to-date information of the PCBs in caulk issues and discuss approaches in managing the testing, removal and disposal of PCB-contaiminated materials.

PCBs are generally referred to as Aroclors and are chemically comprised of 209 isomers or congeners.

Of the 209, approximately 70% were produced at significant levels.

This article describes various applications, environmental impact and various analyses available.

These results demonstrate that TPH is one of the targets of PCB neurotoxicity and indicate that a decrease in 5-HT availability in PCB-exposed croaker results in disruption of the stimulatory 5-HT/Gn RH pathway controlling LH secretion.

Considerable evidence suggests that a variety of endocrine disrupting chemicals, such as heavy metals, pesticides, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), can impair vertebrate reproduction by acting at the hypothalamic level [1–9].

Mechanisms governing the effect of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) toxicity on hypothalamic serotonergic function and the neuroendocrine system controlling LH secretion were investigated in Atlantic croaker () in the diet for 30 days.

Both filtered and unfiltered samples were analyzed to evaluate the significant differences in methods attributed to relative solubility differences among the cyanide species present.The maximum allowable contaminant level in drinking water in the United States is set at zero, but because of the limitations of water treatment technologies, a level of 0.5 parts per billion is the de facto level.Other physical and chemical properties vary widely across the class.Alpha Analytical's experienced staff has written and/or collaborated with several industry consultants to publish a number of environmental technical reports and presentations on various contaminants and analytical methods.A synopsis of each technical report is noted below.

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