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They also used a book of love poems called For You, My Soul Mate: Loving Messages To Share With A Very Special Person, by Douglas Pagels to help them seduce the unsuspecting woman.NHS administrative assistant Agbaje and Ojo had been due to be sentenced today, after they admitted conspiracy to defraud following an investigation by the Metropolitan Police's specialist cyber crime and fraud detectives - FALCON.'Within the last year, FALCON has investigated the loss of £4million in relation to 100 victims who have been ruthlessly manipulated by men and women pretending they love them, said Detective Chief Inspector Gary Miles of FALCON.Scammers from third world countries usually have no job so they write into their profile: self-employed, a student, a professional or working overseas.

These scams involve a con artist creating a fake profile, and contacting the victim on Facebook or an online dating site.

Just be realistic and cautious, don’t send money and try to meet a person in real life to avoid running into a dating scammer who wants just money from you.

Romance Scam or Dating Scam can’t be avoided by the operator of a dating site.

You don’t know if you are dealing with a real woman or a man who pretends to be a woman.

This person could also be a woman who pretends to be a man. Often online dating scammers contact people older than themselves. They know that they are ideal targets because they have saved up money all their life and are more vulnerable as they tend to be less cautious if they are lonely and then contacted by a younger man.

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