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Along the way, you'll stumble across numerous old villages and towns, many unchanged since medieval times and home to fine old churches, palaces, and public squares, all of them worth a visit.For most travelers, the focal point of a visit to the Czech Republic is Prague Castle (Pražský hrad).In the early 13th century Germans immigrated here in large numbers.They formed colonies and increased the population of existing small towns across the Czech lands.

In 1574, Muslim troops loyal to the Ottoman Empire (based in present-day Turkey) finally established rule over Tunis, and maintained it for 300 years.

Yet while Prague boasts an inordinate number of excellent attractions, there are enough out-of-the-way attractions to warrant exploring by car.

Highlights of a trip to the Czech countryside include many excellent national parks and conservation areas, one of the most popular being the aptly named Bohemian Paradise, an area of outstanding natural beauty characterized by numerous splendid rock formations and many fine old castles (another area worth visiting is Podyjí National Park in Moravia with its large unspoiled forests).

In the late 9th century, the Bohemian state emerged.

Wenceslas I ruled it from 921, until his death in 935. ) is the subject of the Christmas carol "Good King Wenceslas" and he remains the Czech Republic's patron saint.

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