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The discovery of natural gas awakened the once sleepy town to new industry.Mac Beth Evans opened a large glass facility around the turn of the century.Background information on the history of glass bells and special chapters discussing manufacturer attribution and the various owners of bell molds are also included.A splendid addition to the libraries of bell collectors, glass enthusiasts, and all who appreciate beautiful artistry. has more than thirty-five years experience collecting and researching glass bells.These bottles were designed for crown closures and bore the trademark Coca-Cola embossed in glass along with a diamond-shaped label.Bottlers would order these containers in color and design to suit their liking, which explains the reason collectors discovered the straight-sided bottles in varying colors such as amber, brown, aqua, light green and clear.

The goal in my presentation today is to show how these guidelines must be followed in studying a glass collection.

Joe continued developing and practicing his ideas with the help of his Aunt Marie Hirsch and Uncle Joe Carroll. Clair's were re-united and began to fulfill the long time dream of producing handmade art glass.

So, you've inherited a wonderful "what's-it" from your Great Aunt So and So.

Clair came to the United States from Alsace-Lorraine France. A young John married Ellen Carroll July 15, 1903 and set up housekeeping at 408 N. Together their family grew to eleven, five sons, John, Paul, Joseph, Edward, and Robert; and six daughters, Marie, Rosella, Dorothy, Ellen, Margaret, and Jane Ann.

From Crystal-City, Missouri they moved to Elwood, Indiana with their children John and Rosa. Ellen died during the influenza epidemic at the age of two.

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