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There was only one classroom in Bayside High School, and it was rearranged for different scenes and subjects. The "Saved By The Bell" set still exists and can be seen in “That’s So Raven” and “i Carly.” 7. The show's creator, Peter Engel, didn't know the actor was only 12 when he was cast -- and Diamond wouldn't have gotten the job if Engel knew his correct age. Screech is the only character in every single original "SBTB" episode, spin-off of the series, and movie. Zack and Screech are the only two characters to appear in every single episode of the original show.

Belding had a brother named Rod, who filled in at Bayside as a substitute teacher in the episode entitled "The Fabulous Belding Boys." The actor who played Mr.If the gang fails a test in an obnoxious teacher's class, they won't be able to go on a class field trip.On the day of the test, however, the teacher doesn't show, so Belding's brother, Rod, takes over.Thanks to "The Tonight Show," fans of the popular '90s show "Saved By the Bell" got a special treat Wednesday night. It seems Fallon's time at Bayside was short-lived, however.Host Jimmy Fallon recounted his "untold" high school years at Bayside High, featuring members of the "Saved By the Bell" cast. Fallon told Zack, Jessie and Slater that he won't be attending the school dance because he was moving to New York to be a comedian and possibly work for "Saturday Night Live" or host his own talk show.

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