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Hitchin, Walsworth Road - No 46640 - used 1916 [advertised on e Bay] Hitchin, Hermitage Road - F.

From my first visit, I fell in love with the village, even though I was only eight years old. James S Church Memorial Cross Memorial Cross Memorial Cross The Square The Square - 1910 The Square - 1960's The Square 1878 The Square The Square The Square The Square Cars in the Square The Square 1900 The Square 1907 The Square 1907 Towards Middle Street 1950s 1940 Lower Street 1930's 1950's 1950's Old Gaol 1940's 1953 Lower Street 1960's Tillingbourne Bridge 1932 1960 1960 Stream Stream 1915 Middle Street Middle Street 1920 1951 1950s 1960 1920 1920 Middle Street Middle Street 1960's 1930 Gomshall Lane Gomshall Lane SCROLL the above images of Shere (right to left) - click on the photo and step back in time...A change in the British Post Office's rules permitted privately produced postcards to be posted from 1894 onward. The Royal Mail first allowed the sending of privately-produced illustrated cards (picture postcards) in September 1894, and many millions have been bought and posted since that date.The Francis Frith web site currently Francis Frith had been working with a small team of photographers.He also published the work of other photographers including Roger Fenton and Francis Bedford.

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