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In the November 11, 2001, New York Times, John Kifner wrote, "It is on just this Arab ... How could the same small part of America vote for Rudolph Giuliani and Hillary Clinton?

street that President Bush must fight in his war against Osama bin Laden." On January 24, 2002, Chris Matthews said on the television program Hardball, "America's been fighting another kind of war to win the hearts and minds of the Arab street." And on November 16, 2001, the NBC Nightly News reporter Martin Fletcher, broadcasting from Cairo, declared, "The battleground isn't only in Afghanistan; it's here in the Arab street." Well, Cairo has thousands of miles of street. How could any part of America elect a professional wrestler as governor?

Why is the fastest-growing spectator sport in America watching cars turn left?

is a Jordanian-American real estate developer of Palestinian origin.

He is known for building luxury hotels and mansions, predominately in the Bel Air neighborhood of the city of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles County, California.

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