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It includes years 1919-1927 but is primarily made up of certificates from 1917-1918. Located at The Digital Library of Georgia through the Georgia Public Library Service. The searchable database features historical issues of the Columbus Enquirer dating back to 1826. Located at The Digital Library of Georgia through the Georgia Public Library Service. The database contains an index of obituaries from the Idaho Statesman newspaper of Boise, ID covering years 1977 to present time. Searches information from newspaper obituaries, cemetery records, funeral home records, funeral programs, sexton records and grave headstones. Contains complete obituaries from the Fruitland Banner (1914-1917), New Plymouth Outlook (1904), New Plymouth Sentinel (1910-1922), Payette Enterprise (1909-1922), Payette Independent (1891-1914) and Payette Independent (1923-1924). Downstream (above), the river reveals large amounts of sediment which has run off as drainage from the canyon area.Had the history of this site not been known it seems very likely that a much older age would have been assigned to it.- denotes an NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) Test such as Big Y or YElite William was rumored to have run away from home as a boy of 13 and traveled with his uncle on a British Man of War to the states.He then jumped ship and joined the Continental Army in Pennsylvania and served throughout the Revolutionary War. Sarah May (Sallie) SISSON ; he and his family show up in the 1850 (Roanoke 57th district) and 1860 (Floyd County, pg 20) census records.

The group headings are links to pages presenting results, analysis and information specific to that group.From its earliest days, the port of Brunswick was important to the growth and economy of the new nation.In 1789, George Washington named Brunswick one of the five original ports of entry for the thirteen colonies.View (top) looking into a part of the canyon shows it disappearing deeply below the cover of trees.An old photograph (above, left) shows the canyon before foliage had taken root.

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