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Previously guard plates had been machined or swaged (die-forged) from stock. Models before 1962 are brass handle/stamped brass baseplate & stamped brass guard. Photos: Manufacturer: Gillette Dates in Production: 1938-1941 (nickel plated)Type: DE, 3 piece Weight: 39.5g Description: Three piece design, top blade holder has one threaded prong (for handle).

These cracks are almost expected on vintage Gillette's with hollow handles.The Gillette Tech was notable as the first Gillette razor sold with a solid safety bar rather than an open comb guard. A rare four piece "heavy" travel design was available at one time. From a manufacturing standpoint, the Tech was the first safety razor made with a guard plate stamped from sheet metal. Models use ferrous metals instead of brass due to Korean War shortages. Notes of Interest: Came in a wide variety of cases, including metal boxes, leather zipper cases, vinyl zipper and folding / snap cases. For decades, Gillette has been the leading brand for safety razors.Here at Razor Emporium, we wish to not only be the best source for vintage Gillette products, but to also educate our customers as well on the history, innovation and mechanics of Gillette's expansive catalog of products.

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The razor head is shiny and bright, with only a little scratching on the underside of the bottom plate.

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