Dating guy 19 years older

Old fashioned would be wondering why she isn't already married at 21. Is there something wrong with him or is just his age a problem? However, she is foreign, moved to the US for college and completed her undergrad a year ago and has been working since.Would you rather her date a bonehead 21 y/o frat guy? I don't think I would be nearly as comfortable dating an undergraduate student.In some ways they might just be thinking practically: a 10 year age difference in a marriage, according to Emory University, Atlanta, has a 39 per cent chance of ending in a divorce.This figure goes up to 95 per cent with a 20 year age gap. They persuade you to listen to purely theoretical advice, the worst teacher of all, and mislead you into disregarding experience. I was involved in a charity fête in Chengdu, China, with an international school at a grand, Western hotel – the type that looks like Trump Tower. I guessed that she was roughly 25-years-old, but later found out she was 32.From the outside it was an idyllic scene — one I can still conjure up to this day.Sun flooded the terrace of our detached house in rural France, and the champagne flowed freely as my husband and I hosted a barbecue at our new home.It’s your classic teenage fantasy; whether it’s a celebrity crush, or maybe one of your teachers.So why, in the twenty-first century, is there still discrimination against couples with an age difference?

I guess I'm just saying I don't think it's all that weird.

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He may have a stable life and be a serious kinda guy which may be a welcome relief from frat boys and typical college morons she's dated in the past or something.

When I was in college I constantly heard girls complain how immature boys were. Guaranty you that the dude is plowing your daughter.

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