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" Alex Rodriguez, a herpes-positive 22-year-old in NYC, had a similar reaction: "I was hysterical. "We turn herpes into something tragic when it's not a big deal," says Jaime Myers, Ph D, an assistant professor of health and physical education at Monmouth University.

Meet local single men and women on our online dating sites in Canada that provide dating solutions that really work.I'd dated a few new guys, and although I'm careful, I like the peace of mind of an annual all-clear. It's the stigma surrounding herpes — that it is gross and worthy of ridicule and happens to bad people — that's malignant."I was devastated," says Chloe Austin, 23, from San Diego, about getting the diagnosis. I was angry, because I'd followed the rules — I used a condom! I was like, 'Fuck.'"This kind of distress is typical but, experts say, unwarranted. "At worst," she told me, "it's cold sores on the genitals."I was floored. But she's right: The condition is mostly harmless and very common. While some providers do encourage herpes screenings, many, like mine, do not.Many people transmit herpes unknowingly: Up to 90 percent of carriers never have an outbreak.Stephen remembers vividly the first time he saw Marietta.

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