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Doesn’t matter if the sun is shining, if it’s pouring rain, or dumping snow. “ — a really tiny beer — for you and your delicate Spanish girlfriend. Then you bring the ridiculous mini-beer to your girl. She has the amazing power of being able to start funny and original conversations with everyone, anywhere, anytime. But she dares to tell you that she wants to honeymoon in Buenos Aires? But it doesn’t matter what you think, so you just do your best to deflect the awkward look the bartender throws you. You just let your mind fly like during that Calculus class where old professor Faustino Rodríguez spent really long hours jibber-jabbering about irrational numbers. “Oh, it’s so romantic,” she says after listening to it for what must be the 600th time. So if you ever dare to say — now that the team sucks again — how crappy they’re playing during some meaningless match, be aware that your lovely girlfriend will probably cut off your “footballs” while you sleep. My flight in Warsaw was delayed several hours because the systems were down. My flight in Warsaw was delayed several hours because the systems were down.Many left-wing political parties (Alliance of the Democratic Left, Labour Union, Social Democracy, Palikot's Movement and others) support the gay rights movement and are in favour of appropriate changes in legislation.Individual voices of support can also be heard from the liberal right in the Civic Platform (Platforma Obywatelska).

Black nail polish looks better on short nails with square or rounded shape. A girl who prefers bright pink is posh, confident, daring and seductive, she loves to draw attention and knows that pink nails won’t stay unnoticed.

Poles are consistently ranked as one of the hardest-working nations in Europe, but this stretches also beyond their workplaces.

Polish men are generally considered to be fixer-uppers, so if you are dating a Polish guy, go ahead and ask him to fix that leaking sink – he’ll love that and you will get extra points for boosting his ego.

She has positive and optimistic character, is 100% confident in the way she looks and lives her life without any worry. A Girl who loves to wear golden nails is very communicative, loves to be the centre of attention, she is kind and, probably, knows a lot about fashion. The girl who choses this colour is balanced, confident, she knows exactly what she wants, has inner peace and might be even a little conservative and stubborn (she has her own strong opinions).

Sparkle is always fashionable and the girl who likes to wear sparkles on her nails can be a little eccentric and open to experiment. This girl might be still a little princess at heart, who desires to meet her prince charming on a white horse. Pale pink nail polish always looks neat, but is not as “shouty” as bright pink, for example.

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