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Now with her new studio project 'Sing On The Battlefield' for Tony Patoto's The Fuel Music, the media is once again wanting to talk to this most talented of singing ministers.

I asked Kathryn whether she found it difficult to find the right level of worship focus in the sterile environment of a studio.

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Kathryn, one of five worship leaders on the album, sings on 7 of the 14 songs, 2 of the 7 alongside another of the worship leaders on the album.

As Spencer’s lover for more than 26 years, and his co-star in nine Hollywood romances, who knows what was going through her mind at that moment?

History does not relate, though Hepburn later admitted that her original plan that morning in 1967 had been to follow the hearse, then slip quietly into the church and sit at the back.

She released her first album, Satisfy, in 2004, and was brought up in Northern Ireland in a Christian environment.

She discovered her talents for not only piano playing but also for singing at an early age.

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