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Anthropogenic emissions in the RETRO inventory are derived from the TNO database and the VERITAS inventory of international ship traffic emissions.

Vegetation fire emissions were constructed from a large variety of sources with the objective to provide a reasonable estimate of emissions including their seasonal and interannual variability in the major burning regions of the world.

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Abstract: Within the RETRO project, global gridded data sets for anthropogenic and vegetation fire emissions of several trace gases were generated, covering the period from 1960 to 2000 with monthly time resolution. As I live these principles and share them with my friends, saying, “I’m not going to drink” or “I’m not going to go to this party” or “I’m not going to do this,” they respect me. Understanding that I have worth as a child of God and that Heavenly Father knows who I am and actually cares about me is a great strength.I definitely think understanding the sanctity of families has given me a strong resolve to live the law of chastity.Dataset Originator/Creator: Tinus Pulles, Roel Brand, Maarten van het Bolscher ?? Berglen, Gjermund Gravir, Martin Schultz Schultz, M., S.

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Berglen, Gjermund Gravir (2003), Emission from international sea transportation and environmental impact, J.

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