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When I arrived in Houston before my rookie year, I was 22 and I was quiet. Steve was the first person to greet me when I visited the arena. That was a big thing for me because I had never had my name on a jersey before.He walked across the locker room and gave me the hardest high five I’d ever felt. There were a lot of big things that were different when I came to the NBA, but I remember the little things like that the most. He was determined to introduce me to everyone on the team.

Though this produced smaller grapes than usual, it also resulted in a higher level of concentration.

I was so excited to see my name on my new Rockets jersey.

Everything went so fast my rookie year, but I remember the first few weeks very clearly. On that day, my coaches were showing me my new locker.

The Yao Ming Foundation has so far committed to rebuilding five schools in the earthquake region.

The new earthquake resistant schools will provide top level education for more than 1000 students, many of whom will also board at the schools.

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