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Being currently among the most prestigious institiutions of higher education in Portugal, the University of Minho has come to assert itself on the international scene step by step.

Its over 15,000 students (2,000 of which are postgraduate students), 1200 professors and around 600 other employees, make the University of Minho one of the largest and most diversified Portugese universities.

After a morphological study of the larger enclosure we concluded that it was a Roman camp reoccupied during the Portuguese Restoration War.

By using photogrammetric techniques we appreciated the existence of an inner extensive flattened area, an artificial elevation corresponding with the remains of the rampart of the camp and a depression that was interpreted as a single ditch.

O colono português típico no Brasil era um jovem no fim da adolescência ou com pouco mais de vinte anos, preveniente das províncias do Norte de Portugal, mais notadamente do Minho, de Trás-os-Montes e do Alto Douro, ou das ilhas atlânticas.In order to cut the advance of these troops on Portuguese lands the Portuguese elaborated a strategy.As the chronicles narrate, they built a series of watchtowers and fortresses, equidistant from the fort’s by a cannon shot.The old city is solemn and antique, although industry and commerce have brought a modern way of life, complemented by local universities, contemporary restaurants and lively bars.On Thursday mornings, Braga hosts the largest market in the region, with stalls selling everything from fresh produce to traditional ceramics.

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