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The company's name was changed to SWR Sound Corporation on 1 December 1997 as part of a restructuring plan.Rabe sold the company to accountant Daryl Paul Jamison and soon created a new company, Raven Labs.At 1500 watts (in bridged mode at 4 ohms), the SM-1500 is the most powerful toroidal-based amplifier on the market today.The July NAMM Show featured the new Natural Blonde combo. ANd I have reason to believe that the preamp section is okay. More of the tone im looking for, but the power still is lacking a little. the Bias transistor leads are stretched tight and will fail internal to the transistor due to heat flexing. the output stage is flat out to 40K and the same branded parts must be used.

Dont give up Chris Are you using a passive bass plugged into the lower gain active input? Can you get either of the preamp clip light to come on? Ditto the recommendation to check input conction solder joints. If you can post a link to a schematic, we'd be able to be more helpful. Ill retouch the solder joints on the preamp board, then the other sections and test as I go. when this happens, the preamp voltage on that side drops to 7.5Vdc about and will cause the pre-amp to oscillate driving the output stage to full power oscillation! there isn't enough room in most chassis to put a small transformer, rectifiers and caps or i would have taken that route.

The input of modern guitar amplifiers is a 1/4" jack, which is fed a signal from an electro-magnetic pickup (from an electric guitar) or a piezoelectric pickup (usually from an acoustic guitar) using a patch cord, or a wireless transmitter.

For electric guitar players, their choice of guitar amp and the settings they use on the amplifier are a key part of their signature tone or sound.

you MUST shorten the screws or they will bottom out and snap off. The 3264's are a very very commonly counterfieted transistor. SWR elected to leave them off to cut cost's and because of the slight sonic degradation that could cause. The amp gets a little more volume to it and I changed the preamp tube to a 12AT7, wich doesnt seem to change the gain too much, but it is a little cleaner as I push it.

I cut the stand offs down 1/8" and shorten the screws the same amount. Fuses should be added to the secondary side of the transformer as well.

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