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Okay, by now, it's past cliché to note what a rotten year it has been for deaths in the music world.I think back to a grim afternoon coffee session I had with fellow critics John Corbett, Howard Mandel and Kurt Gottschalk, when we began to contemplate the greats who would likely leave us in the coming years.My greatest strength is my personality, and I’m not very photogenic.

Everybody did something — poetry, dance or something. Well, TV wasn’t out then, so I guess you had to pass the time. FIELDER: My father was a pharmacist, and my grandmother worked for the Federal Government. My grandfather was a brick mason and a stone mason, and he had a crew of about 15 or 20 men.

However, recently, I started wondering if the masculine vs.

femme assumptions were true, so I signed on for a few weeks to conduct a little experiment.

Following up on the previous post, which contained a couple of interviews with Kidd Jordan, here’s one with drummer Alvin Fielder that I initially conducted for what I’d hoped would be a Downbeat feature on the pair. [for a retrospective, read John Litweiler’s wonderful Jazz Times article from 2001. My father had studied the cornet, and my mother was a violinist and a pianist. TP: So these were people who had survived and built firm roots in the South.

Down Beat wanted to go shorter, and gave me permission at the time to run the verbatim transcript of each interview in Cadence. For an oral history with Alvin Fielder, Sr., link here. My grandmother was a pianist, and my uncle was a clarinetist.

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These rules are only to be followed if you have a mutual trust and respect.

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