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At least that's the theory, which the Toronto scientists have been exploring in the lab.

“Additionally, if the relationship ends, one of the employees may claim the relationship was not consensual, that the employee was sexually harassed, or that that employee was retaliated against if that employee receives a poor performance review from the former paramour,” says Zoller.

Of course, this is the very nature of the Persona games themselves.

Despite their complicated demonological arcana and overarching psychological themes, they’re really about one thing: spending your time well.

They continue to love each other, despite being separated, and Harry finds solace in studying the Marauder's Map to feel a connection to her at Hogwarts.

They both take part in the final battle, after which we see that Harry plans that they will reunite.

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Psychological scientists are very interested in this question, but most have focused on self-focused errors in romantic choice.

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