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We've all heard the cautionary tales about online dating.

But scammers also use real-life romantic relationships for nefarious ends, according to Larry Crandall, a licensed insolvency trustee with Grant Thornton in Saint John.

Dating and romance scams as a rule follow the pattern of the scammer targeting the vulnerable and the lonely and take their time to ‘groom’, build strong emotions quickly, starting with gifts, then asking for money with increasing pressure.

Some indicators of investment scams are, software programs to predict sporting results, glossy brochures with stories of success, schemes promising huge returns’ and ‘risk free profits and high pressure, limited offer opportunities.

Michella’s opening line was ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it generally is’.

In 2016 the Department of Fair Trading received 155, 035 reports of scams that netted the scammers an astonishing ,563,599 from their unsuspecting victims.

Mark (Australia) Report N3 (added on September, 23, 2009) New African scammer. John (Australia) Report N4 (added on January, 29, 2010) I found her under this couver add. Alarm bells, she then sent me documents to arrange her travel, fake medical certificates, wrong hospital and address, fake Police Check and a forged passport in her name, born in Ghana 23/12/75, I had checked her when she first made contact and seen that she had a Canadian passport with a different photo and date of birth. I am not on RSVP and her profile apparently was removed from RSVP by management because of continued complaints.

We are aware of the following false Investec name being used by fraudsters: If you receive an unsolicited call, email or Text from anyone claiming to be from Investec Asset Management Limited or another Investec Group Company, please either contact your usual Financial Adviser or alternatively contact us via email on [email protected] telephone 44 (0) 2.

And while it may seem like common sense to "never, ever send money to someone that you just met," Crandall said, "for some people, when they've got those rose-coloured glasses, it's easy to forget that." Ditto: don't give out your personal or financial information — especially if your new "friend" requests it early on.

Your own behaviour, rather than your date's, can offer one of the biggest red flags that your relationship isn't trustworthy.

The fraudsters claim to represent a deceased client who has died Intestate and who has the same surname as the email recipient.

The fraudsters are then asking the person to contact them by return email to obtain more information.

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Emails from nigeria or indonesia claims to need money to free up her late fathers gem investments (family run gem trading business).

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