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A person with a mental health disorder often feels isolated and alone in dealing with their issues because admitting you have an illness is like publicly announcing to the world that you're defective.

If you have a broken leg, society accepts you're injured and understands the importance of seeking help (like a hospital or physical therapy) to heal and mend. People judge you when you say you can't get out of bed one day. " or "Come out with us, it will make you feel better." They'd never say things like that to someone laid up in traction, or a person running a high fever.

I've struggled with an anxiety disorder for most of life.

And knowing that my partner has to deal with it regularly leaves me feeling guilty and full of self-doubt.

As someone diagnosed with Bipolar II, it is difficult to be vulnerable in love. Here are 17 things you should know about dating a girl with mental illness.

She does not expect you to be a book of knowledge about mental illness or a licensed psychologist.

I may not be “normal,” and yes, I found a spoon in my pillowcase last night, but I’m incredible.

Now I’m still terrified, but at least I know I could never be with someone who can’t handle the difficult parts of me.

So last year when a cute guy I had been texting told me “TMI, dear” after I mentioned how overwhelmed I was after a colonoscopy (yes, I know conventional wisdom is to avoid mentioning butt procedures until you meet in person), it felt liberating to let him go.

My experience are when you really get to the root of most people you start to think there may be more with some sort of personality or mental defect than there are "normal" people. I once visited a mental asylum and, while there, asked the director "How do you know when a person needs to be institutionalized? :)Dating someone with mental illness...well, that depends on the type of mental illness...anxiety,by some standards, is considered a mental somebody that is a paranoid schizophrenic...well, that could be a little problematic....i.e.....their problems become your well will taking their meds...thing is ...start to fell better and discontinue the meds....their problem becomes your problem..that now you have to make sure they are properly

Unfortunately it comes down to fear, alot of people dont like to talk about mental illness, dont know actual statitics but its said most people will experience some form of mental illness throughout their life. "He said, "We fill a bathtub with water and offer a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket, then we ask them to empty the tub."I said "So ... I would choose NOT to date a person what a significant mental illness..... I would be worried about things in the relationship . I cant see why having a mental defect should be a problem.

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