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) was the third of the Islamic caliphates to succeed the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

The Abbasid dynasty descended from Muhammad's youngest uncle, Al-Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib (566–653 CE), from whom the dynasty takes its name.

The choice of a capital so close to Persia proper reflected a growing reliance on Persian bureaucrats, most notably of the Barmakid family, to govern the territories conquered by Arab Muslims, as well as an increasing inclusion of non-Arab Muslims in the ummah.

Persianate customs were broadly adopted by the Abbasid ruling elite.

Arab Americans trace their ancestral roots to several Arab countries.

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The Arab world consists of 21 countries that span from North Africa to the Persian Gulf. and its phenomenal expansion over parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe, Arabic culture and language spread to the newly conquered peoples.

Ethnic Arabs inhabited the Arabian Peninsula and neighboring areas. Over time the Arab identity lost its purely ethnic roots as millions in the Middle East and North Africa adopted the Arabic language and integrated Arab culture with that of their own.

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