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Staff/Agency - users added by Admin from the panel - some contact details like address,phone etc would be enough. I have been struggling to follow the docs and various thread on forums to get some light. It is considered bad practise and difficult to extend djangos user class directly.Have a look at this youtube video, it's a bit out of date so don't copy it word for word, but it gets the general concept across. I'm trying to make my first django app (a dating site) that consist of varying user models.Users need to have fields like location,language,religion, height, preferences, family details horoscope etc. Can someone please guide me how do I proceed to make User models in this case? You should 'extend' the django user class by creating a one to one model, generally called a profile that contains the rest of the information you need to gather on a person.“But then I would just put a model and then when they met me they would be disappointed, so there was no happy medium.” Which is why Thompson, now 24, says she set out on a crusade to ensure that other women wouldn’t feel the way she once did.“If you’re a really tall girl or a really curvy girl and you’ve been trying to hide it all your life, instead you’re celebrating it,” she says.

In 2015, IBISWorld valued the dating industry in the US alone at US billion.“We sift through the men on the site to make sure they’re not just chasing after these types of women,” she says. “ We have this idea in our head on what is sexy, like Calista Flockhart or Victoria’s Secret girls — these lollipops with breast implants.“You can tell if they’re chasers from their profile names or what they say in them.” The site drew 95,000 users sin its first few days. All of the plus-sized girls I know are attractive, they all have boyfriends; that’s what’s attractive.” Thompson says she constantly had to prove that her body type was just as beautiful as the stick-skinny models she was competing with on “ANTM.” “Girls in the house — some even my friends — would tell me that I’m fat, like Stacy Ann,” she recalls.Now the “big” girl with bigger dreams — she already has a jewelry and candle line — is taking on the dating business.The Big and Beautiful ( caters to curvy women. “My biggest problem in online dating was that I would meet these guys and I would put on the site that I was a plus-sized model and then you know, guys wouldn’t want to date me,” she says.

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