Dating someone out of pity

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This is not my idea of a good time, or anyone’s, I imagine; would want to be involved in a relationship with a disabled person is the thought that we are not choosy or picky about relationships because we cannot afford to be.

One of the relationship tropes that irks me most when it comes to talking about partnerships where at least one person is disabled is the idea that the relationship only exists because of pity, often paired with the idea that disabled people will take any relationship they can get out of fear that they will be alone forever, sobbing quietly in a dark cornerthe other day, and there’s a scene where Nate keeps pressuring Brenda as they fight about their relationship, which is kinda falling apart (this is an Alan Ball show, you think it’s going to depict happy, functional relationships?! For those not familiar with the show, Nate has an arteriovenous malformation that plays a central role in the show and in this scene, he says that Brenda only wants to stay with him out of pity, as he’s recently told her about the diagnosis.

Brenda looks at him and basically says ‘dude, if I didn’t want to be with you, I’d leave you.

And a woamn should also not let a man date her for more than two or three years without marriage, if she's the marrying type.10 years no be beans. I will not support his marrying her, it would be a living hell for both of them, they should just part ways, It is good for the girl!!! But lets be realistic, if a guy can be bold enough to tell a lady that marriage btw them can't work out, what does the lady want, a lady can utter such a statement if she is annoyed or something and may not mean it, but I know men usually think so very hard before saying things like that, so it is a no win game for the lady, let the lady look for anopther person, 10 years broken relationship is far better than 1 year broken marriage or 1 year unenjoyed marriage, I tell you Everyone hopes for a long marriage. the joke is on the gal who think he will change, not on the HONEST guy!

Are you willing to keep pitying someone for an average of 30years? obviously this man has a problem with marriage (with her), the fact that she kept throwing her toto at him like a frisbee, is the problem here, NOT the guy who happily chop the she forced into staying in this union? the guy said clearly that it wont work and there is NO REASON why that should change (10yrs or not)MRbrown JAY:^^^ bro, if you date a gal but tell her you would never marry her, YET, she still hangs around and hands over her toto whenever you want. i am sorry to say that it's HER life, HER choices and therefore i would have no say in the matter because SHE is the only one that will live that life (thats if i had a sista of course)people should live with the consequences of their actions.

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