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Chim-chiminee, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang, Fortuosity, When I see an elephant fly, Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?Religious songs and spirituals such as “Amazing Grace“, “Little Drummer Boy“, “Mary’s Boy Child“, “She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain” not included.In the last 20 years other than Diane Warren, who's been re-writing the same song every other year, there are no songwriters. You look at songs like "The Tennessee Waltz" that song was in the first 4 places of the top charts by four different artists (I just happen to be reading a 40s music chart book yesterday) So many artist back then gave their slant on a song.I have previously counted down the top 300 or top 500 songs of all of the decades in which I've lived, excepting of course the present decade, which is far from over. The biggest challenge of all is that there was some hugely popular music in the 1950s that was unfamiliar to me before beginning this list. I tried to fill in the gaps in my musical knowledge, especially pre-1955 pop music, but I know there's a lot of worthy music that I just plain missed. Much of what was released in the early 50s was re-released in different formats later. I tried to do my best to get correct dates, but in addition to some good reliable sources, I also used a fair number of questionable internet sources.

Rumor has it that the part about the Plaster Caster was true; Croce’s wife later found out and got meaner than a junkyard dog.Jim Croce wrote and recorded this song about lustful comeuppance for his last album, which hit stores just after the singer-songwriter died in a plane crash.In the boogie-woogie ‘Five Short Minutes,’ Croce has an encounter with an underage member of the famous Plaster Casters of Chicago.I'm wondering just what is it about Christmas songs from the 1940s and 1950s that make them so popular 50 to 60 years after they were first written and performed.The only Christmas songs I seem to hear in most public places that date after the mid-1950s are novelty songs; otherwise, it's just the crooners singing the classics. Is there something about the crooning style that makes it more naturally suited to Christmas songs than rock, rap modern adult contemporary, acoustic singer-songwriter and other modern styles?

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