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Melissa and Doug founded their business more than 25 years ago while they were still dating.

Operating out of the garage of Doug’s childhood home, the company gained popularity with their educational wooden toys in the early 1990’s, allowing Melissa and Doug to upgrade from garage to office.

In 1977, three college friends in Palo Alto, CA, combined their talents to sell juggling lessons with bean bag sets.

After one week and a profit, the trio decided to create a book on juggling titled “Juggling for the Complete Klutz.” They strapped on backpacks and distributed them by bicycle.

I would like to see the opinions of you all regarding buying a teddy bear for an adult.

The result “polarised the archaeological world”, says Andrew Lawson, a freelance archaeologist based in Salisbury, UK. “Nowhere else in western Europe do we know of sophisticated art this early,” he says.EXPLORING a gorge in south-east France in 1994 for prehistoric artefacts, Jean-Marie Chauvet hit the jackpot.After squeezing through a narrow passage, he found himself in a hidden cavern, the walls of which were covered with paintings of animals. I always feel a bit of anxiety around the holidays, any holiday.There is this pressure to Do something, be with others, go someplace, celebrate.

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  1. De stellen op deze pagina willen er graag een heerlijke geile avond van maken met zijn drieën en wachten op bericht van jou zodat jullie snel kunnen afspreken voor een lekkere bi-date.