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[ 162, -13] Way better than that stupid visiting the sick excuse. Usually Dispatch has extra pictures on hand in case the stars deny it.

[ 126, -7] I had a feeling they couldn't deny this, they finally confirmed it.

If only this show would stop with the stupid love triangle and the misunderstanding that accompanied, it could've been better. The director and screenwriter is very detailed in everything. I hope there is some extra moment or epilog for last scene. But its okay because the story is perfect and happy ending until last seconds.. All in all, the casts are all very good looking and very professional. what worked here is not only the romance but the family plot as well, rarely do kdramas have.

lol i wasnt sure if this had gotten posted or not yet. YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE THEM BB YOU NEED TO JUST LEARN TO JOIN THEM.

they basically started working life 10 years ahead of everyone else so they seem to gravitate towards someone they can depend on and connect with emotionally, which happens to be people older than them. [ 2,010, -334] Congratulations Jieun-ah, you picked him well...

[ 248, -18] Hmm, IU Sulli Jiyeon Hyeri, they all dated/dating men 10 years older ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 10. A lot of people in the know have known about this..

Among the many netizens who reacted to the post was IU's ex-boyfriend.

Jang Kiha, who's also close with Oh Hyuk, has hit 'like' on Oh Hyuk's friendly post with his ex.

The rest of this was just repetitive break up and make up cycles that started becoming annoying to watch. It is pretty boring if the writer had not wrapped it in comedy.

I can't stand watching this drama, cannot even finish the first episode. Han Groo and Woo Jin really hit it well..are so funny.

The female lead is so pathetic that is so painful for me to watch. I've never got myself taken into drama too much but this drama makes me fill WOWWWW. The chemistry between han groo and woo jin very good!!! I actually fell off my stool at one of their nonsense..

They have been making the time to see each other despite their busy schedules; for example, IU would immediately go see Jang Ki Ha after returning from her trip to Shanghai on August 30 before going to practice for her fan meeting.

The same goes for September 7, when IU would go straight to Mapo after returning from Hong Kong.

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I'm not sure if it's alright for me to say this as a man, but we are currently dating." After making this statement, he quickly grabbed Navi's hand.

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