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Neon Trees singer Tyler Glenn isn't quite sure how to describe his brand of Mormonism.Unlike, say, Catholicism or Judaism, where people sometimes identify as a member of the faith without actively participating, Mormonism tends to be more in-or-out. He might not attend church weekly, but Glenn, who served a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, identifies as Mormon, as do the other members of the band. "A lot of people reached out."Among those who sent messages were local church leaders.Glenn says he's known he was gay since childhood, but kept his sexuality a secret. For someone like me, the eternal self deprecator, i just want to say thank you," he wrote.

In 2015, Glenn joined the holiday music supergroup Band of Merrymakers for their album Welcome to Our Christmas Party.rovo, Utah, is home to 112,000 people, 61 Mormon churches, four coffee shops, two music clubs – and, on this crisp Friday evening in February, one bleached-blond pop singer enjoying a rare night on the town.Listen to Neon Trees' "Sleeping With a Friend" Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees gleams like a fluorescent highlighter as he emerges from the city's largest rock venue, Velour, wearing a long green coat that's the color and texture of a tennis ball, plus a Freddie Mercury T-shirt and leather pants."Then I'd be dating girls and in love with my straight friend and it was the worst feeling in the world."Raised Mormon, Glenn was conflicted about his sexuality. The clearest vision of the road I want to take.""I'm 30. "We were always taught, and I hate this word, 'tolerance,'" he says, regarding his church's stance on homosexuality.

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