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If you are always having to click this link in order to the see the pictures, please submit your browser information to us so we can try to fix this for you.The 'Baptismal Gown', as we know it today, appears to have evolved in the mid eighteenth century, being in common use by the 19th century.Please order at least 4 weeks in advance of your christening, If you want the gown of your choice, as other orders can be ahead of yours and there is 1 of me, I process the orders as t BRAND NEW WITH TAGS!!Christening Gowns, Rompers and Suits, Communion Gown & Suits Closed Down Baby Boutique Store - Selling Excess Stock 55-60 ITEMS - ALL BRAND NEW WITH TAGS BOYS AND GIRLS CHRISTENING GOWNS & SUITS ASSORTED SIZES FROM 00 - 2 COMMUNION GOWNS & SUITS ASSORTED SIZES FROM 2 - 16 HIGH QUALITY MAJORITY MADE IN AUSTRALIA LABELS: BETHI, LARAMY, MARY LUCUS, CHRİSTENİNG APPAREL & OUR SMALL WORLD RRP ON AVERAGE GOWN 0.00 SELECTION OF SILK, SATIN, LACE, HAND SMOCKING, SWAROVSKIGorgeous Ivory Handmade SILK Crochet Dress with matching Bib, Bonnet,& Booties.(Pioneer Press: Scott Takushi) Duane Schumann has removed an ink spot from Prince’s pants, cleaned Tiger Jack Rosenbloom’s suit and taken care of the clothes in the “Titanic” exhibit.Schumann is the restoration manager of Treasured Garment Restoration in Stillwater.Styled after the wedding dress the Queen had worn for her marriage to Prince Albert the year before, the gown was made of Spitalfields silk with a Honiton lace overlay.In her diary Queen Victoria described it as ‘a white Honiton point lace robe and mantle over white satin’, and wrote that her daughter had looked ‘very dear’ in it.

If you donate an antique wedding gown to the Minnesota Historical Society or the Goldstein Museum of Design at the University of Minnesota, chances are Schumann will clean it.

This vintage Christening gown is made from pure silk and features Swarovski crystals along the outline of the gown and on the matching outfit pieces.

Piece 1: Overlay dress (image 1) Piece 2: Romper (image 2) Piece 3: Hat Piece 4: Shoe Slippers The gown is suitable for babies 6 months to 1 yrs of age. A fabulous outfit for a Christening, wedding or other special occasion.

In my family collection are two such treasured gowns, having come from Scotland and both dating from the 19th century Victorian era.

The Ordnance of Baptism being covertly dispensed in the open air during the time of the Scottish Covenantors, mid 18th century.

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The 'Covenantors' fought hard to maintain their established Presbyterian forms of worship and sacrament, often at some considerable risk to their own lives.

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