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Baka kasi matigok si Noynoy sa kalagitnaan ng kanyang termino dahil sa cancer o ibang sakit na dulot ng paninigarilyo.Kapag siya’y namatay while in office, ang makikinabang ay ang kanyang bise presidente, maging si Jejomar Binay o Mar Roxas man ito. Noynoy Aquino ang kanyang kalusugan dahil very stressful ang puwesto ng Pangulo ng bansa. This may sound contradictory to the above, and while it may be on some levels, the point of training for a marathon shouldn't be to look better in shorts.Most kids have silly moments, and some kids are silly by nature. In the five hundred or more pictures that were taken during my childhood, I had a normal smile in roughly two of them.The weight of the bird when standing on the spathe opens it to release the pollen onto the bird's feet, which is then deposited on the next flower it visits.

I'm off-season...)Giving my sincerest congratulations to Monica Rupa, aka !!Or you've decided everyone you found tasty in the past is Satan-spawn and you're doing your vengeful part by not even allowing eye contact by possible suitors, let alone roaming hands. Maybe you will never, ever, ever date someone who has only mastered the text message feature but none of the other functions of a cell phone. Who says there isn't a Johnny Depp Doppelganger with an MBA and painting skills to rival Picasso just waiting in your future? All the time you spend absorbed in pre-sex, sex and post-sex activities (and all the wasteful analysis in between) often means a dusty, book-marked novel not touched since flip-flop weather. Start pummeling your way through the classics like you once did the Kama Sutra. But never, ever underestimate the confidence boosting power of setting a fitness goal and meeting it. Waltz past those First Response kits and roll your eyes at all the condoms. Think about all the things you loved before adulthood molded you into a viable candidate for a big-person job. Instead of viewing a night out with the girls as a "ugh—another night out drinking beer with the hens" view it as a way to absorb as much lady time as possible. Believe it or not, chasing tail and trying to pin one down distracts from that ever-expanding reading list. Nobody is seeing you naked so order an extra guacamole dip and lustfully triple-dip those tortilla chips. Rather it's to do something nice for yourself and accomplish a goal you've always talked about but never gotten around to. Oh, and bikini season is rapidly approaching so an added bonus, of course, will be feeling sexy in your swimwear. Significant others, even if they're casual, can be major time-suckers.Or maybe you won't go on another date with someone who drinks to the point of bed-wetting.

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