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Sometimes, it’s hard to get past the “weird factor” and accept this new phase of your parents’ lives.Hopefully your mom or dad has given you, and themselves, enough time to adjust to the divorce before they start dating. After being betrayed by her cheating ex-husband, Cindy Dawson makes a major decision to go after what she wants—a family of her own.Being the last single woman in her group of friends in Cedar Falls, Colorado, Cindy decides she needs to leave town—their happiness is killing her.

To realize her dream, she’ll risk rejection and dating frogs to find her prince. Officer Jack Riley wants nothing more than to be left alone. When he goes undercover to get the story about dating in the singles scene he hates the idea. He realizes there is more to life than grieving the loss of loved ones and fighting his demons.If not, have a conversation with them about how their dating makes you feel, and try to come up with some agreed guidelines for their dating.They are still your parent, but it’s important that they know how you feel about the situation too.It’s weird to see your father with someone other than your mother or your mother with anyone other than your father.And, it’s natural for you to not want your parents to date other people.

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Kayla was a wonderful heroine who didn’t let her affluent family dictate what she should do with her life or how she should live it.

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