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I’m using Mysql database, i’m choose column with type longblob.

There’s three type of blob in Mysql (other is blob and mediumblob), i’m using longblob so it can store more bigger file. List; public class Files Service extends Jdbc Dao Support File List Form Here is the controller that will query all the files that we had upload, send it to page so it will display all uploaded files, then we can download or delete it.

The application will upload any file format and save it to database, likewise when downloading it will read from database and open save download dialog. This will use by action/controller how to handle the data.

To save a binary file to database we use column with type Blob.

You can use it as a rigging tool along with the bone weight copy script, by copying its weights onto your mesh clothing or character.

You can use it as a learning tool to learn rigging and experiment on it.

Back in the old film days, many compact 35mm cameras came with a feature that can imprint a date/time stamp on the photo.

I have included 2 versions, one is for those of you who use the Avastar tool and one for everybody else. Get it here Textures and UV maps for modding purposes.

We can now keep a lot more information as meta data, you might think we are much better off today. Even if you post your photos in an online albumn or photo sharing site, the shooting date/time information may not be easily accessible either.

So adding the shooting time information directly on digital photos are still useful for many people.

This is create table script: CREATE TABLE `files` ( `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, `filename` varchar(100) NOT NULL, `notes` varchar(100) default NULL, `type` varchar(40) default NULL, `file` longblob default NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ); As we can see column ‘file’ type longblob, we wil use to store the binary of a file.

Column ‘filename’ to store original file name, column ‘type’ to save the type of the file, and column ‘notes’ is optional. Http Servlet Response; import com.spring.example.service.

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Many software developers have obviously thought about the problem and created lots of solutions for doing just that: adding time stamp on digital photos using EXIF information.

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