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Las imágenes son una combinación de ilustraciones de Andrew Rae y fotos de lugares de interés turístico como Honolulu, París, Los Ángeles, Pisa, Londres, Ciudad de México, Amsterdam, Moscú y Zurich.

La campaña trata de destacar que Delta vuela a más destinos que la mayoría aerolíneas de Nueva York.

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Delta has partnered with Tinder, the online dating app, for a very creative campaign.

Agency Wieden Kennedy conducted research that found 62% of men and 74% of women want a partner who shares their travel interests, according to Adweek, meaning the dating wall could lead to better Tinder matches as well.

Do you want to travel around the world, but you’re short on cash? However, if you’re living or visiting New York, you might be able to fake your way into the jet setters’ lists.

The creative wall ties to Delta’s newest message celebrating that they fly to the most destinations of any airline from New York City.

Delta and Tinder have also tied the campaign to the hashtag #Delta Dating Wall, which is painted throughout the wall.

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Out-of-home advertising continues to push past static billboards and signage with the help of digital integrations, as the Delta Dating Wall — which encourages shareable selfies and comes paired with its own hashtag — demonstrates.

Delta and Tinder make for a perhaps unusual pairing, but their working together also underscores how more major brands are leveraging third-party app partnerships to extend reach into new markets.

La frase “Los viajeros del mundo son más propensos a tener más “Me Gusta” se pintó en el edificio y viene acompañada de su propio hashtag: #Delta Dating Wall.

La agencia Wieden Kennedy New York fue la responsable del proyecto, se ha anunciado además que la activación se mantendrá a lo largo de el verano.

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