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This depreciation area will have to be added to ANLC.To manually install the depreciation area is a matter for consulting since there are tables which could be affected (ANLB, ANLC, ANEP, ANEA, COEPBR).When you create with reference to the standard one, SAP copies all the depreciation areas in it.You can delete those depreciation areas which are not required by you.SE16: table T082AVIEWB FIAA_VIEW AFAPL AFABER AUTHORITY 00 TRAN ** 0 - should be 2 This correction report is called "RACORR_VIEW0_SET" and it will set field “Authority” for View 0 (legacy takeover view) from 0 to 2. This report must be implemented manually via transaction SE38, it is valid also for releases higher than 600.

Three forms of depreciation are available in SAP, including ordinary depreciation, special depreciation and unplanned depreciation.To do that you can use transaction code EC08 or path; SPRO Copy reference chart of depreciation Now change the description accordingly. Assignment After creation you need to assign it to your company code. One COD can be assigned to more than one company code but one company code can not be assigned to more than one COD.To get it assigned you use transaction code OAB1 or path; SPRO Assign Chart of Depreciation to Company Code After reaching the maintain company code in asset accounting screen, assign it to your company code.Depreciation is the gradual loss of an asset's value over time.In asset accounting, depreciation is of relevance because it has important tax implications for small businesses.

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When you create a chart of depreciation, the system copies all of the depreciation areas in the reference chart of depreciation.

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