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Our growing membership currently spans the english speaking world from the USA and Canada, to the UK and Australia.

We have seen a lot of talent contribute to this project of ours.

We are still learning every day and continue to move forward. ** - Fix Dev Options thanks to @Nimueh - Enable cpusets and EAS features - add camera-daemon cpuset - Add support for foreground and top-app stune groups. - Disable sched_boost after boot complete - update cpusets at boot complete - Add init.to manage EAS and other PM - Import marlin power HAL - Move power config into rc and add EAS'd perfd - Kang marlin libdumpstate - Move cpuset configuration to bootcomplete - Switch to schedutil governor - sepolicy: Set schedutil tunable context - Set top-app boost to 10 based on hints rather than always - Enable stereo camcorder mics and set proper ACDB IDs - clean up Fix Dev options and intoduce new 7.1.2 flag - Kernel msm8996: Enable EAS and more - Introduce New 7.1.2 flag - Kernel msm8996: Restore native CPU hotplugging - Kernel msm8996: cpu: send KOBJ_ONLINE event when enabling cpus - Kernel msm8996: us996: Use Common NFC DT - Enable Camera power HAL hints For a detailed changelogs, check We would like to give thanks to everyone that contributes to the Android community, big or small because every bit counts.

Although we can't list each and every contributor within the Android community, we would like to highlight some of the teams and individuals that have made it possible NOT only with just this version of DU but throughout the years because we don't ever want to forget where we came from nor those that have helped us! JMZ Software Baby Jesus Code Aurora Forum Omni ROM Android Open Kang Project (AOKP) Android Ice Cold Project (AICP) XDA-Developers Slim ROMs Preludedrew Max Weninger Team Black Out Cyanogen Mod Pure Nexus Project @amardeep434 @Shreesha.

Big or small, the focus was always on contributing to the community. After Jelly Bean, we decided to move to a new base, Omni ROM. All we do ask, is that you have patience, search, read and try to enjoy the process with us!!

While AOKP was fun, Omni ROM proved to be even more exciting base because it challenged us to see what we could do with a project that had different goals in mind. With Lollipop, we moved to an AOSP base with a lot of patches from CAF to make our older devices function as they should. It has been an awesome learning experience and is still not over! Everything that is necessary to keep this project going is out of our own pocket. - Verify that you're using the latest version of TWRP - Perform a FULL WIPE as described below if coming from another ROM or a different version of Android (A full wipe is when you wipe system, data,cache & dalvik/art cache) - Flash the latest version of this ROM - Flash recommended GAPPS linked below - Reboot and ENJOY!!

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