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Play as your favourite Time Lord and bag the companion of your dreams with this Doctor Who dating simulator.

A trailer for fake game Romantic Time Traveller Boyfriend XD Plus, uploaded to You Tube by Mashed, lets you ‘play’ as any of the twelve Doctors and go on various dates with other Doctor Who characters.

Mawdryn Undead tells viewers that the Brigadier retired from UNIT in 1976.

However, the events of The Invasion, the first story in which UNIT properly appears, approximately occurred in 1979.

Thus, the UNIT dating controversy is, broadly speaking, an attempt to understand how the Brigadier could have retired from UNIT before UNIT even existed.

Writer Ben Aaronovitch has notably opined that there is simply no way to retcon the problem.

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Please use the submit page to be added to the site! I’m still quite a beginner but I intend to get better at it and eventually start a business. If you want to know anything else just go ahead and ask! ^-^Why I love Doctor Who: It’s all about adventure, freedom, compassion, and companionship. Anonymous asked: How do you leave notes for others? Name: Ruby Rose Noble Age: 14Location: Tracy, California Tumblr: I don’t have one.

Although clearly intended to be set in the near future (Vaughn's collarless shirt and the video phone are nods in this direction), there is nothing else to suggest that The Invasion doesn't take place in the late 1960s.

The Brigadier states the Yeti saga The Web of Fear took place 'nearly four years ago', but this is a subjective recollection rather than a precise statement of fact.

Brit Box, the new streaming service from the BBC and ITV, announced Tuesday that it will be the exclusive U. streaming home of an extensive collection of classic episodes of .

Missing are 90 "lost" episodes and 20 more for which the service was unable to secure rights.

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