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And, they aren't the only ones, Perezcious readers!

CLICK HERE to view "Celebrities Who Were Roommates!

The actor, who moved to Los Angeles from New York City after his hit CW series was canceled, looked appropriately laid back in a red plaid button-down shirt over a white T-shirt and white pants. His soon-to-be-released films include the horror comedy Kitchen Sink alongside Vanessa Hudgens and Breaking Bad's Bob Odenkirk, and the thriller A Conspiracy On Jekyll Island alongside Minnie Driver, Dianna Agron and Anna Sophia Robb.

Either Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr decided to get back together or they're just playing nice.

The on-again, off-again couple, who was currently broken up as far as their relationship status was concerned, was spotted grocery shopping together at a Whole Foods market in West Hollywood on Sunday.

However, the Each celeb was dressed super cazh for their errand outing.

You may remember a couple years ago when rumors surfaced that Avril Lavigne had died and a lookalike was parading around in her place…

and now the conspiracy theory is back in full swing!

Ed’s paternal grandmother was Irene Heath (the daughter of William Edgar Heath and Ada Swales). Ada was the daughter of William Swales and Jane Wilkinson.• Kara Dio Guardi • Lea Michele • For Reals Estate • Jason Segel • Chord Overstreet • Melissa Mc Carthy • Dianna Agron • Brian Atwood • Ali Larter • Connie Britton • Nostalgia • Judd Apatow • James Corden Celebs are known to have lavish mansions and fancy homes all to themselves.But most A-listers weren't always living the lifestyle of the rich and famous!It might be awkward now that the two have broken up IRL, but not every fairytale has a happy ending! " [ Why do you have to go and make things so complicated??Ch-ch-check out the trailer (below) and keep an ear out for the new song Why y'all gotta make things so complicated? Earlier this week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a video on his timeline where he unveils Jarvis (voiced by Morgan Freeman), an AI assistant he built for his family.

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Creator Says Hollywood Sexism Got Her Fired When asked about the possibility of rebooting the popular six-season series that followed the lives of Manhattan's elite, the 29-year-old said she'd be open to bringing back Serena van der Woodsen "if it was good" and "if it made sense." Spotted: us losing our shit!

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