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Another photo teased by Fleiss shows Lindsay sporting a short printed dress in front of a green hill.

Looking at the number of seats placed, it appears to be the location for a group date.

It almost goes without saying that Imafidon’s listicle on Chinese women is both offensive and poorly written (the latter because it’s really just a collection of unsubstantiated pronouncements about Chinese women).

But once sucked into the site, you’re trapped in an endless scroll of similarly fluffy listicles that slowly turn your brain to sludge while embedded webads turn your wild flailings for escape into money for the site.

So, I was torn about writing about one of Life Hack.org’s most recent articles (“9 Reasons Why You Should Date a Chinese Girl“), which appears designed to maximize clickbait appeal by attracting Asiaphiles and enraging Asian Americans.

Written by self-described “Media Stragetist/Resultist/Content Writer/Blogger/Entrepreneur” Casey Imafidon, whose other work at Life and similar sites are of equally low quality, this listicle is a transparent attempt to draw in readers with racist and sexist stereotype.

It will be interesting to watch an unusual date like this! Every season of this dating reality show has surprised the audience with its serene locations.

And it very much sets the mood for a perfect dating experience.

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For some men, this is an ideal situation that allows them to feel secure in their relationship.” In case you didn’t get the hidden meaning in that, that was followed by reasons 4 & 5: they are devoted partners & they are eager to please men.

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