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Kiki: " I tell guys straight up 'you have one mess up, you have one mistake and I'll cut you lose.' I just do not take crap, and my friends admire that about me." [action] Kiki is standing in front of a bluck backdrop talking to the camera.Mank's picture is still on the top television screen.

A." this morning -- telling TMZ, she made one reasonable request ... The couple welcomed daughter Ruby Raven Reynolds on Friday at PM. READ MORE TMZ hit the red carpet in Vegas last night for VH1's Rock Honors.Her dog, Teddy, frequently appears on the air on Good Day L. (1993) and is considered by Jillian to be the head of the pecking order of her animals.One dater dates another who has brought along their two EX's. Even though these are re-runs, you still get the witty and goofy antics of Jillian Barberie at her best. The twist is that their "EXes" are nearby watching and listening to everything going on.In the end, the contestant opens a limo door to see if his/her date in inside.

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The show was hosted by Jillian Barberie and premiered on July 8, 2002.

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