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Changes in adolescent physical and cognitive development are also accompanied by major changes in an adolescent's relationships with others, including family members and friends.Family relationships are often reorganized with the onset of puberty, the desire for increased autonomy, and increased emotional distance between teens and their parents.“While intimate partner violence (IPV) has been recognized as a significant problem among adults, little is known about this violence and aggression in adolescent and young adult populations,” says Vijay Singh, MD, MPH, MS.The Joint Commission mandates that clinicians screen patients for IPV in all healthcare settings, including the ED.The analyses further explore the role of gender and the delinquency of the romantic partner.

Domestic violence and sexual abuse in women physicians: associated medical, psychiatric, and professional difficulties. “Dating violence is different from adult IPV in that relationship roles are not yet set.Many adolescent couples aren’t living together and there is a tendency for them to change partners more often than adults.” Patterns that begin in adolescence can carry over to adulthood, including IPV. Singh and colleagues had a study published in which they screened 4,089 males and females aged 14 to 20 who sought ED care.Criminologists have more often focused on heterosexual relationships later in the life course, arguing that marriage bonds act as a significant deterrent to crime (e.g., Farrington & West, 1995; Horney, Osgood, & Marshall, 1995; Laub and Sampson 2003; Laub, Nagin, & Sampson, 1998; Sampson, Laub, & Wimer, 2006).Yet studies of the adolescent period typically focus on parents and peers as the most important social network influences (e.g., Browning, Levanthal, & Brooks-Gunn, 2005; Simons et al., 2004; Warr, 2002, 1993).

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