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For this tutorial, the source document will be the files named (a file with multiple files contained within it).Consult the previous tutorial, Book Building, for the details of these files.This tutorial discusses the following topics: A table of contents can be generated from either a single document or a book.The document or book from which the table of contents is generated is called the source document.A book is a Frame Maker file that joins several files together to form one document.

When files are part of a book, you can add generated files such as a table of contents (TOC) or an index.Frame Maker provide us with the capability to change the appearance of any number of characters within a paragraph without affecting the rest of the paragraph text.We can even apply multiple formatting styles to a single character, word, or phrase.If you find any errors or think we should include other tasks, let us know!This tutorial discusses the following topics: Subsequent tutorials focus on tags, tables, anchored frames, graphics, templates, master pages, reference pages, cross-references, indexes, variable text, book building, conversion techniques, and structured documents.

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