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Developed by Q-Games, a company founded by Dylan Cuthbert who worked on the first Star Fox team, this new shooter is perfect if you didn't like the FPS gameplay of the two Game Cube sequels.

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The US port comes later on August 28th, but don't forget like all handhelds, the DS is region free so this game will work on every unit worldwide.

The first Star Fox (a.k.a Star Wing in Europe) was released in 1993 and brought 3D graphics to the SNES through a "Super FX Chip" and an extra math co-processor.

Still, from what we played at E3 (God rest its soul), Wild Fire's Wiimote-powered tilt-and-thunder mechanics make for some surprisingly hair-raising rip-and-run hijinx, although we're still a little unsure whether Sega will manage to stretch out its rather limited framework into a full game.

On the plus side, Sonic Wild Fire was one of the prettiest Wii titles on display at the show and these new shots, courtesy of Sega, go some way to demonstrating that - even if you don't really get the full effect of the game's blistering speed.

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