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Over the years, the Japanese entertainment industry has been rocked by numerous scandals.Some including something as simple as a slip of the tongue, and others are as shocking as lecherous pictures of certain body parts and rape allegations.Japanese media outlet Sankei Sports stated on the 7th, "Gackt (41) and singer ICONIQ (29), who have been dating since 2012, have ended their relationship...Due to the two's differences in personality and busy schedules, they ended their relationship a week ago approximately."The couple, who first met in 2011, went public with their relationship in 2012 after a tabloid released pictures of the two on a date. I don't think she is of that caliber yet (if she keeps working hard) The actress that appeared in X men was Fan Bingbing and she's from China... but Ayumi is nice, cute and all but far from being cast in movies like these just yet... @Xi Tlali NEver mind I just realized it is not the hollywood movie but Korean TV show lol ignore my previous comment... D: @Xi Tlali i think the case hasn't been closed yet and tbh i think it was just settled with money privately.27 Jun – Rumour has it that former Sugar member Ayumi is dating top Japanese star, GACKT.According to Koreaboo website, the stars' rumoured relationship has been making headlines in Japan after it was reported that 27-year-old Ayumi, who goes by the stage name ICONIQ in Japan is currently in a relationship with the 38-year-old star.In usual GACKT fashion the VK icon is showing off his body, however, in this new photo he’s lowered his pants to show of a little more! Check out some of the netizen comments below and let us know what you think!Currently the photo has amassed 33.3k likes, but it wouldn’t be complete without people offering their unsolicited opinions on his body and dragging his dear old friend Ayumi Hamasaki in the process.

I LOVE U GACKT” is just one of many in the market, and in comparison, game play is extremely linear and basic.However, the agencies of both stars stated, "It's their private lives and they can do what they wish." Both agencies neither confirmed nor denied the rumours.SEE ALSO: [OP-ED] What's the Most Effective Method to Attaining Mainstream Fame as a Rapper?people are still kinda divided over who to believe Well it's better for is never good to remain in a relationship where you can't see eye to eye.

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Japan have compiled a list of the most juicy and shocking scandals of years past, all featuring your favorites idols, singers, actors and celebrities!

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