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Gmod is set to be a tool for easily installing and updating mods without having to mess around in the folders and files of the game.The kickstarter campaign sounds rather promising, although they are still a long way from their ,000 goal.FIX Fixed a save file issue with CSound Patch FIX Fixed another exploit related to downloading restricted files from the server FIX Fixed plugin_load not loading plugins if no file extension is given FIX Fixed not being able to change the render cull mode on entities bonemerged to viewmodels FIX Fixed a problem with SWEP.View Model Flip and player model hands FIX Fixed net.To fix your problem, you must either disable this feature in your Touch Pad software, or buy a proper PC mouse to play the game the intended way.Please consult your Touch Pad User Manual for information on how to disable the Palm Protection.The basic idea is that there’s a bunch of humans somewhere, trying to survive for a specific amount of time.When a human gets killed they respawn as a zombie, so the longer the game goes on the harder and harder it is to survive (because there’s more zombies and less humans). As a human you have limited ammo, but it periodically regenerates.

Gmod is a commonly used abbreviation for the game, but is also the name of a Mod tool that's just hit kickstarter - and they're mad...

These problems seem to be connected to an addon or mod.

You should really remove all your mods and start again, I made this page on the wiki explaining how (The right click ‘delete local content’ will NOT remove your mods/addons). Zombie Survival is a multiplayer mod for GMod, coded in Lua, by Jet Boom.

There is a trending issue with Garry's Mod when your mods from workshop will stop working and will no longer load in-game, and in main menu addon list, it will say "Nothing Found".

This issue isn't exclusive to Garry's Mod and is happening to multiple other games with Steam Workshop support, such as Left 4 Dead 2. Some people claim that setting the date and time on the computer (and/or in BIOS) to the correct one ( i.e. If that doesn't work, your best bet is to contact Steam Support.

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