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During the 2015/2016 New Year's Eve celebrations, there were mass sexual assaults, 24 alleged rapes, and numerous thefts in Germany, mainly in Cologne city center.

Flirting exchanges, chat rooms, news groups, online role-playing, and social networks – wherever one looks, everywhere alternatives to vanilla sex at home.

It was never any easier to experience the security of a real relationship and the titillation of flirting and cheating at the same time.

A woman feels under the weather, achy and feverish, and then recovers.

Other doctors observed more birth defects from gestational rubella, a group of problems eventually labeled Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS), including complications with the heart, vision, and hearing, and delays in mental development.In addition to so-called nudist or sauna clubs, where the male customers wear a towel while the women are naked, large brothels have also become established. Buses arrived from far away and local newspapers reported that up to 700 men stood in line outside the brothel.They advertise their services at all-inclusive rates. Afterwards, customers wrote in Internet chat rooms about the supposedly unsatisfactory service, complaining that the women were no longer as fit for use after a few hours.Porn sites are not today’s sole web sites interfering with real relationships.Other online-overtures are also busy creating the illusion of a maximal availability of never-ending supplies of alternative partners and in that way secretly, clandestinely and through the back door undermine actual relationships.

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